What are the Benefits of Learning to Dance Salsa?

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Salsa is a dance which originated in New York City but has its roots in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Africa. Since the 1970s it has grown to be the most popular partner dance style in America. Whether one has been dancing for a while or has never set foot onto a dance floor, there are many benefits in learning this fantastic dance style.One benefit of learning to dance Salsa (or any dance form for that matter) is that it will give you a sense of rhythm. The basic Salsa step is on the count 1 2 3 - 5 6 7 which is very easy for beginners to catch onto, and versatile enough for intermediate dancers to play around with. There is a broad range of experience at any Salsa lesson or social. While it may be intimidating for someone just starting, there is always someone who knows the feeling of being new and is more than likely willing to help. Because of the simplicity of the steps, Salsa is an ideal dance for people who have little to no dance experience.

Another obvious benefit of learning to dance Salsa is that you get to socialize and connect with people of the opposite sex. The upbeat tempo of the music along with the passion that goes into the dance creates an atmosphere which is full of energy. Unlike traditional clubs where the goal for many people is to get wasted and act crazy, there are very few problems that occur at Salsa clubs. People who have been dancing Salsa for a long time have a great respect for the opposite sex, so for many people this creates a safer environment.Salsa clubs will naturally weed out people who are rude because nobody is going to want to dance with them. They say it takes two to Tango, but Salsa also isn't as much fun when danced alone.

Since Salsa is a partner dance, there is a lot of emphasis that goes into being a good partner. Being able to connect with someone on the dance floor takes more than fancy moves. There is a certain chemistry that happens when two people are able to connect on a higher level when dancing. This connection usually only comes with time because when people start dancing, they are more focused on making the steps look right rather than making the connection needed.

Salsa is also a great dance to learn because it is recognized globally. From America to Europe and Japan, there is a Salsa scene in every major city. Since Salsa is a dance with Latin origins, many people make the mistake of thinking that only people of Latin heritage can become the best dancers. This misconception is shown to be false from the number of world champions who come from countries which are not Latin in origin. Unless you happen to live somewhere which outlaws dancing, chances are that there is a Salsa venue close to where you are.

When one learns to dance Salsa, it is not uncommon for them to want to learn other dance styles as well. The basic rhythm and partner connection that is learned through Salsa can be applied to every other partner dance. While form and technique may vary between different dances, there is an inherent similarity in both connection and body language. On the flip side, learning to dance other partner dance forms is beneficial for anyone dancing Salsa because many techniques that are learned from other dances can also be applied to Salsa. Experience is the best teacher so don't just take my word for it!

There are many benefits associated with learning Salsa, but the most important benefit from dancing Salsa is the fun that comes from both learning and showing it. Despite this, there are many dance environments which can make dancing Salsa seem more like hard labor rather than a fun social dance. Because of this, it is always important for any learner to find a teacher and environment which will ensure that they grow as a dancer rather than kill something which is meant to be beautiful. Overall, dancing Salsa is an incredible experience, and anyone who has the time and interest to put into learning it will not be disappointed.

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